June 8, 2008

Day off

A few weeks ago our Relay for Life team at work was selling chances for a day off. I bought 2 tickets for $8 and WON! So, last Friday I took my free day off, with no plans really as to what I was going to do. First I caught up on the last 5 episodes of Grey's Anatomy - this took until about Noon. Then I did some scrapbooking. I worked on this one page for several hours. I moved things, and added things, and changed things and just didn't like it. I left it until yesterday when I finally completed it. I'm still not that crazy about it. What is crazy is taking 2 weeks to complete one page! It's funny how some days I can whip out a page in a few minutes and others take hours...or days to finish.
These pictures are from when we went to Chuck E. Cheese's in Fargo in March. Jake had been asking all winter to go since seeing the commercials on TV. I called it our redneck vacation. We spent the night in Fargo, went to Chuck E. Cheese, and in the morning drove to Valley City for the Winter Show and rodeo.

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