June 4, 2008

A horse is a horse of course...

I stared this blog on Sunday and Monday night I thought "what have I started!? I don't have time for this!" But my goal is to 1) improve my journaling skills. I really don't like to do it, but I'm a scrapbooker and that is, I think, the most important part. 2) take more pictures. When my camera was new, and my son was younger, I took a lot more pictures. I enjoy photography and want to improve my skill and that takes practice, practice, practice.

Our renter has been keeping a horse out here with his cattle. So the other night I decided to make him my practice subject. Here is one of my favorites...

This was the original, straight out of the camera. Below is the same photo with a few Photoshop actions applied.

After messing around with it for so long, I usually like the original better. Like I said, practice, practice, practice.

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