June 28, 2008

My walk

Before I left for my walk tonight I saw this in our yard...

I'm not sure who it belongs to since we don't have a big dog anymore...and it was a big track! The tracks continued down the road and along my whole walk. I was a little uneasy the whole time hoping it didn't belong to a coyote or wolf. Then I started thinking "maybe it's a mountain lion". I stayed in the middle of the road, away from the ditches, in case it jumped out at me. Then I was thinking about what I would do if something did jump out at me. The whole thing was a little stressful. I was glad I had Lucy, my protector along...

all 15 pounds of her.

Once I arrived back home without incident Tim and Jake were trimming trees. Lucy was in tree branch heaven.

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glitzen said...

love your beautiful photos! i will be back to your wonderful blog. Glad I found ya.