July 15, 2008

Home improvements

We're getting ready for Jake's birthday party this weekend. It's surprising how much you can get done when there's a deadline looming...we should have a birthday party every weekend! We finished replacing all the windows in our house on Sunday. The old ones were in pretty bad shape. It's amazing what a difference it made inside, everything looks so bright and clean. Tim is working on cutting the boards to frame the inside, I will stain them tomorrow and they can hopefully be installed Thursday. I'm a lucky gal to have a husband who's so handy! We've done all our home improvement projects ourselves, which have included carpentry, plumbing and electrical work...AND nothing has fallen apart, leaked or started on fire yet! The next project will be re-shingling. We have all the materials, just waiting for a good, dry weekend.

Jake was helping paint the picnic table...so were the cats. We have cats with pretty caribbean blue feet now.

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