August 10, 2008

New camera

I purchased a new camera a few weeks ago that is much smaller than my other one. I felt like I was missing some great photo opportunities because my Canon is just too bulky to carry with me all the time. I keep my Panasonic in my purse and it's ready to go all the time. I'm definatley not retiring my Canon, in fact I'm debating whether I should upgrade to this one in December.

We went on a 4-wheeler ride the other night and I was able to stick my new camera in my pocket and get some shots I otherwise would have missed.

This is the view of our yard from the hill...

While Tim was looking at deer, I was admiring this little barn and the pretty wildflowers surrounding it.
We found some cattails to pick...

Saturday night we made a quick trip to GF to Cabelas and a movie. I would have missed this shot of Jake being trampled by a moose if I hadn't had my new camera along!

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