August 20, 2008

New dog?

I've been thinking about getting another dog for a while now. I wasn't ready to go through the puppy stage again so soon after losing Leila. I've been checking the Humane Society for an older dog that needs a home. There are plenty out there but we've never gotten around to going in to visit any of them. Yesterday, at work, I read on the cable channel that someone was looking for a home for a 4 year old white British Lab. I called, and Jake and I went for a visit tonight. Her name is Scooby.

She needs to be put on a diet...she's like a fat little hotdog. She's quiet lovable and I think she'd fit in well with us. Jake wanted to take her home today. I think we'll go back this weekend and get her so we can spend a few days at home with her while she adjusts. It will be fun being greeted by a happy, tail wagging dog when we drive into the yard again.

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