August 14, 2008


So the other day I'm sitting with a group of women, one of whom is complaining about a child she knows who is basically a brat. One of the other women chimes in and says, "He's an only child" as if to explain away his behavior. If he had siblings and was still a brat, what would his excuse be then? As the mother of an only child it upset me. Throughout Jake's life, whatever he does, good or bad, there will be people who say it's "because he's an only child."

I am used to people sharing their unsolicited opinions with me...I've been told that I'm mean, "How could you do that to him?" That he'll be selfish, "I know an only child who grew up to be self-centered, you don't want him to be like that!" It's amazing what people will say, and most of them don't know me that well...or our personal situation. I've gotten used to it. What bothers me is that Jake is going to have to deal with comments like this. I know I can't protect him forever and he'll face worse things in life. I just have to do my best to raise a kind, beautiful, caring person.

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