September 17, 2008

First "emergency" trip to the doctor

The school called today. Jake was swinging on the monkey bars and hit his was bleeding quite a bit and they thought I should come and check it out. When I got there he was in the office with a bag of ice on his head. He wasn't too upset...I guess he didn't even cry. I took a look at it and decided we better go to the clinic. The nurse brought us in to the exam room, cleaned it up and measured it (1 cm). After the doctor looked at it she suggested a staple may be less traumatic than shots to numb it and then stitches. As she told me this she said the word "staples" under her breath and kind of mouthed it to me as to not scare the wits out of Jake. Once we decided this would be the plan of action the nurse said loudly, "Where's the staple gun?" and "Do we need to load the staples or are they already in there?" Of course Jake hears this, sits up half way and says, "Mom, are they going to staple my head!?" I know I shouldn't have laughed, but the look on his face, and the way he said was just funny. I calmly told him it was going to be real quick, faster than a shot. He layed back down, she put the staples in and that was it. He was very brave. We went home, I gave him some Tylenol and he rested a while. We have to go back in one week to have them removed.

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