September 26, 2008

I love DVR

I love my's one of the best inventions ever! I totally forgot the new season of Grey's Anatomy started yesterday. I remembered on Wednesday...but yesterday I forgot. Luckily I have my DVR programmed to record every episode of Grey's Anatomy, so tonight I'm watching it. I don't watch much TV at all but Grey's Anatomy is my can't miss show. I also record every episode of Oprah, but rarely watch's hard competing with Sponge Bob and North American Whitetail.

On Tuesday we celebrated out 8th wedding anniversary by going out for supper at Sander's. It was fabulous, I wish we could go there once a month...but then it probably wouldn't be so special. We were there for 2 hours. We had chicken pate, salad, wine, steak, seafood linguine and Almond Joy cheesecake for dessert.

We're going to my brother-in-laws hunting cabin on Sunday...hoping to get lots of fall pictures!

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