September 14, 2008

Shingles, creatures and pumpkins...oh my!

Here's what went on at our house this weekend -

Tim and a friend from work started at 8am on Saturday morning and worked until dark. They were back at it today...again until dark. About 1/3 of the front is left along with the back. The garage is done. Tim may have to finish the rest on his own as there is little chance of me getting up there. We'll see what happens I guess, I might not have a choice...especially if rain is in the forecast.
Jake spent most of the weekend outside exploring. He found several creatures including a salamander named Ricky, a small frog, a barn spider, a milkweed caterpillar, dozens of worms and a grub. The spider was residing in a jelly jar until he got kicked out so the grub could move in. The milkweed caterpillar went into a container to bring to school tomorrow. We've been supposed to bring one since school started but haven't been able to find one...until now!
Ricky and Scooby being introduced -

Tim planted a large pumpkin patch this year so he could feed them to the deer. There was one orange one out there already.

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