October 12, 2008

Another weekend update

Saturday night I was invited to a friends house for a Sex in the City party. It's a great, laugh out loud, kind of movie that's perfect for watching with the girls. It was a fun night - good friends, good food and good wine...and martinis - you can't have a Sex in the City party without martinis!

Sunday School was interesting this morning. We were talking about judges. I was explaining what judges did, how they help people in court. One student said, "My dad had to go to court, and some of his friends did too." Oh my. Later, I was asking them to name some bad things that can happen to people. Another student said, "I lost my pet snake in the car one time." Yikes, that would be bad! I just wonder what kinds of things the teachers at school hear...I probably don't want to know!

Going to watch 'Definately, Maybe' now.

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