December 10, 2008

Isn't this cute!?

It's a mini fridge that plugs into the USB port on your computer. Not sure that I would actually use it as my Diet Coke doesn't really have a chance to get warm before I drink it. But it is cute.

There isn't much going on this week, which it a a good thing! Tomorrow night we'll be attending our first school concert. I'm sure that will go fine. Next week is the Sunday School Christmas program. Since I'm a teacher I need to be at practices Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon...not really looking forward to that.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's assignment and information for the scrapbooking class I've been taking. There are only 2 left. I kind of wish it would go on for a few more weeks...I'm getting a lot done. Now I'm thinking about signing up for the Library of Memories class that starts in February. I have the books and am implementing the concept already, but if it's anything like the class I'm taking now I'm sure it would be fabulous. A friend that has taken it gave me some information to go through...that should help me decide.

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