December 1, 2008

Vegas vacation

We made it home, the Vegas vacation is over. None the richer and a little bit poorer but we had a great time!

We stayed at the Mirage - I snapped a couple pictures of our room before we settled in...

It was very nice and spacious.

My sister and I shopped during the day and then we partied all night! Well, until 2am anyway! We ate at some great restaurants and saw some fabulous shows. Saturday night we saw Wayne Brady of Who's Line is It? and Don't Forget the Lyrics. The whole show was impromptu. The things he came up with off the top of his head were hilarious. You could see the show several nights in a row and it would never be the same. Sunday night we went to David Copperfield. Tim was approached before the show and asked if he would participate. He agreed as long as he wouldn't be made to disappear or be cut in half. His part involved checking a box to show the audience it was solid and not an illusion. The show was amazing! The whole time I wondered, "How did he do that!?"

I've been doing laundry since we got home and with the 2 hour time difference and the late nights out, I am tired! Tomorrow may be a long day.

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