December 7, 2008

Weekend update

We put our tree and Christmas decorations up Friday night. Jake had been anxiously waiting all week to do it.

Our tree doesn't really have "theme" it includes a variety of colorful ornaments including those that Jake made in daycare and pre-school. I like it that way. This is our 3rd year with an artificial tree. When we had a real one, I put big colored lights on it. I liked it that way better but the artificial ones come pre-lit with the small clear lights so that's the way it is now. I must admit it is much easier putting the tree up, no scratches from lighting and decorating it, no trying to remember to water it...It just doesn't smell as good though.

Saturday night we played a game of Monopoloy. Tim was trying to teach Jake how to count money. It obviously worked because he won...and we didn't bend the rules in his favor either. After 2 1/2 hours of play, he won fair and square.

After cleaning kennels this morning I made some lefse. It didn't exactly turn out how I would like so I will have to try again another day. I managed to get some scrapbooking done today too.

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