June 28, 2008

My walk

Before I left for my walk tonight I saw this in our yard...

I'm not sure who it belongs to since we don't have a big dog anymore...and it was a big track! The tracks continued down the road and along my whole walk. I was a little uneasy the whole time hoping it didn't belong to a coyote or wolf. Then I started thinking "maybe it's a mountain lion". I stayed in the middle of the road, away from the ditches, in case it jumped out at me. Then I was thinking about what I would do if something did jump out at me. The whole thing was a little stressful. I was glad I had Lucy, my protector along...

all 15 pounds of her.

Once I arrived back home without incident Tim and Jake were trimming trees. Lucy was in tree branch heaven.

June 25, 2008


The clematis is starting to bloom! I think it's going to look beautiful against the house, amongst the landscaping. I didn't plant many flowers this year...I guess I just never got around to it. I did hear however, that hanging baskets and annuals are on sale big time at a local greenhouse. Sometimes procrastination pays off! I will have to get out there and get some soon.

I also don't have a garden this year. Actually, I have a garden spot that's all tilled up and ready to go. And, I have seeds. It's just that the dirt and seeds never got together. I had good intentions, I've had a garden the last several years, but it just never happened this year. Maybe it was all the rain, or the cold weather.

Tim managed to plant somewhat of a garden. It includes pumpkins, corn and cucumbers. He calls it deer food. Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll get to eat some too!

June 21, 2008

Butterflies & Bubbles

The Dwarf Korean Lilac bushes by our house are blooming...they smell great and are full of bees and butterflies. I can't believe how the Clematis I planted last year is taking off. It should be blooming any day now. I will post pictures when it does.

This week was busy with golf! The weather was perfect on Monday and watching Tiger win the US Open gave me the itch to golf. While Tim and Jake were getting their monthly haircuts I ran home and grabbed our clubs. I need to bring my camera to the course one day and snap some pics of Jake golfing. I'm glad he's learning the game at such a young age. Tuesday was ladies' night at the course. I try to NEVER miss ladies night, I look forward to it every week. Especially the Caesar's mmmmm.....Wednesday I was in a golf tournament in Grafton with two friends from work and another gal. It was a great day to be outside and NOT at work, plus we took 2nd place in our flight! Thursday my sister talked me into playing in a tournament in PR! Wouldn't it be fun to be a professional and play everyday? I wish I were that good!

This is what we did today -
1. Sprinkler
2. Slip-n-Slide
3. Bubbles

June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Today was a good day, a productive one! Tim spent his Father's Day watching the US Open. Jake made him a frame for his computer monitor at daycare. We also gave him a bow holder for his 4-wheeler that he'd been wanting. We had plans of golfing but the rainy day changed that.

After dinner Jake and I decided to make cookies...until I realized we didn't have eggs. I never run to the store on the weekends. It's an 8 mile drive to town and whatever I need is usually not worth the time or gas. But I guess I really wanted chocolate chip cookies! While in town I spent yesterday's rummage sale profits (a whopping $100) on a tank of gas, the Chipmunk's movie and a carton of eggs.

This probably isn't a good idea, with the raw eggs and all, but I've been doing it for 30+ years and I'm not dead yet...

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and organizing my craft room. It still needs a little work, like a ceiling and window trim, but it's the only "room" in our basement so it will all get finished eventully. I'm just happy to have a space of my own.

All this and 6 loads of laundry!

June 12, 2008

Today's ramblings

Today was exhausting. I worked at the golf course cooking polish sausage and burgers for the Sioux-per Swing tournament. The company I work for was a corporate sponsor. Although I enjoyed a day out of the office it was very tiring. There were constantly 15-20 hungry golfers looking for some grub...and it was tough to keep up on the little grill we had to work with. We took up a collection for a new one, we only got $7 so we went to the DQ and got Blizzards instead.
It's the annual city wide rummage sale this weekend. I'm not sure why I put myself through the torture, but I'm having one again. Since I live out of town I have it at my mom's. It works out pretty well, whatever doesn't sell goes back into her basement until the next year. Every year I say it isn't worth it, all the work for a couple bucks, but then I do it again the next year.

Here are the projects we're doing at the next Stamp Club using the new Fresh Cuts stamp set and die-cut note cards. All of these cards were inspired (copied) from ones on Splitcoaststampers. It's a great site, especially if you use Stampin' Up! products.

I really wish it would warm up outside. Jake has managed to put holes in the knees of all his jeans except two pair. I refuse to buy any more because I'm hoping, any day now, we can pull out the shorts. So...here it is 10:20 at night and I'm washing jeans so he'll have pants to wear tomorrow. This is getting old. Maybe I should go rummage sale shopping tomorrow and buy some "new" used ones. Nah, I'd rather do laundry every other day.

June 8, 2008

Day off

A few weeks ago our Relay for Life team at work was selling chances for a day off. I bought 2 tickets for $8 and WON! So, last Friday I took my free day off, with no plans really as to what I was going to do. First I caught up on the last 5 episodes of Grey's Anatomy - this took until about Noon. Then I did some scrapbooking. I worked on this one page for several hours. I moved things, and added things, and changed things and just didn't like it. I left it until yesterday when I finally completed it. I'm still not that crazy about it. What is crazy is taking 2 weeks to complete one page! It's funny how some days I can whip out a page in a few minutes and others take hours...or days to finish.
These pictures are from when we went to Chuck E. Cheese's in Fargo in March. Jake had been asking all winter to go since seeing the commercials on TV. I called it our redneck vacation. We spent the night in Fargo, went to Chuck E. Cheese, and in the morning drove to Valley City for the Winter Show and rodeo.

June 4, 2008

A horse is a horse of course...

I stared this blog on Sunday and Monday night I thought "what have I started!? I don't have time for this!" But my goal is to 1) improve my journaling skills. I really don't like to do it, but I'm a scrapbooker and that is, I think, the most important part. 2) take more pictures. When my camera was new, and my son was younger, I took a lot more pictures. I enjoy photography and want to improve my skill and that takes practice, practice, practice.

Our renter has been keeping a horse out here with his cattle. So the other night I decided to make him my practice subject. Here is one of my favorites...

This was the original, straight out of the camera. Below is the same photo with a few Photoshop actions applied.

After messing around with it for so long, I usually like the original better. Like I said, practice, practice, practice.

June 1, 2008

A successful hunt

Tim bought Jake his first gun...

After giving him a few lessons on responsible gun ownership, they went hunting. Here's the first kill...

Here's a nice close-up of the poor victim and the happy hunter!