August 31, 2008

This and that

We spent last weekend at Woodland Resort in Devils Lake. Tim's parents took all of us there in celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary! The weather was nice...a little cool, but it didn't keep the kids out of the water. The guys had good luck fishing and we enjoyed a fresh walleye supper one evening. And I got my fill of roasted marshmallows...Yum!

On Monday night we picked up our new dog Scooby! She is adjusting well and thankfully hasn't left yet. She follows me everywhere I go...even if I only move 3 feet. When I stop, she lays down. Think she has anxiety issues?

Tim has been in Bowman since Thursday bowhunting for antelope. Maybe I'll post a picture of one when they get home Tuesday night. So far they haven't had any luck.

I signed up for this class tonight and am excited for it to start! I just hope I have the time to keep up with it. I'll have to make time.

Fall is coming...sounds like rain for tomorrow and cold on Tuesday. I love fall...I just don't like what comes next.

August 21, 2008

First day of school!

Jake started Kindergarten today! He's been very excited to start...and now he's very tired.
We're busy packing for our weekend in Devils Lake!

August 20, 2008

New dog?

I've been thinking about getting another dog for a while now. I wasn't ready to go through the puppy stage again so soon after losing Leila. I've been checking the Humane Society for an older dog that needs a home. There are plenty out there but we've never gotten around to going in to visit any of them. Yesterday, at work, I read on the cable channel that someone was looking for a home for a 4 year old white British Lab. I called, and Jake and I went for a visit tonight. Her name is Scooby.

She needs to be put on a diet...she's like a fat little hotdog. She's quiet lovable and I think she'd fit in well with us. Jake wanted to take her home today. I think we'll go back this weekend and get her so we can spend a few days at home with her while she adjusts. It will be fun being greeted by a happy, tail wagging dog when we drive into the yard again.

August 18, 2008

Bobble head

I took this funny picture of Jake tonight. I was standing right next to him looking down. When I showed it to him he cracked up about how big his head was and how little his feet were!

August 16, 2008

Scrapbook day

I had the whole afternoon to myself today! Tim was doing "deer stuff" and Jake is camping with his grandparents. I spent the day downstairs in my craft room doing this...

August 14, 2008


So the other day I'm sitting with a group of women, one of whom is complaining about a child she knows who is basically a brat. One of the other women chimes in and says, "He's an only child" as if to explain away his behavior. If he had siblings and was still a brat, what would his excuse be then? As the mother of an only child it upset me. Throughout Jake's life, whatever he does, good or bad, there will be people who say it's "because he's an only child."

I am used to people sharing their unsolicited opinions with me...I've been told that I'm mean, "How could you do that to him?" That he'll be selfish, "I know an only child who grew up to be self-centered, you don't want him to be like that!" It's amazing what people will say, and most of them don't know me that well...or our personal situation. I've gotten used to it. What bothers me is that Jake is going to have to deal with comments like this. I know I can't protect him forever and he'll face worse things in life. I just have to do my best to raise a kind, beautiful, caring person.

August 11, 2008

School shots and a new job

Jake got his school shots today...all 5 of them. He was very brave, much braver than I would have been. We went to the store afterwards so he could pick out a new toy. He chose an Etch-a-Sketch which suits him perfectly as he loves to write and draw.

I started my new part-time job this weekend cleaning kennels at the vet clinic. There are 15 kennels where owners can board their dogs while they're gone for the weekend, on vacation, etc. They are usually all full. My job is to let each dog outside, scoop poop, scrub the floors, feed and water and let them all back in. I also clean the cat pens and feed the rabbit, birds, fish and newt. So far I am enjoying it. I like the hours - I go in Saturday and Sunday mornings and it takes 2 1/2 hours to get everything done. I plan to leave home at 7:00am and be back home by 10:00am, then still have a full day ahead of me. I like the quiet - I don't have to talk to anybody...except the animals and they don't talk back.

August 10, 2008

New camera

I purchased a new camera a few weeks ago that is much smaller than my other one. I felt like I was missing some great photo opportunities because my Canon is just too bulky to carry with me all the time. I keep my Panasonic in my purse and it's ready to go all the time. I'm definatley not retiring my Canon, in fact I'm debating whether I should upgrade to this one in December.

We went on a 4-wheeler ride the other night and I was able to stick my new camera in my pocket and get some shots I otherwise would have missed.

This is the view of our yard from the hill...

While Tim was looking at deer, I was admiring this little barn and the pretty wildflowers surrounding it.
We found some cattails to pick...

Saturday night we made a quick trip to GF to Cabelas and a movie. I would have missed this shot of Jake being trampled by a moose if I hadn't had my new camera along!

August 6, 2008

Bad blogger

I guess I shouldn't have started a blog in the summer. It's hard to make time to update it when we spend so much time outside, epecially since we gave Jake a trampoline for his birthday - that thing is FUN! This weekend I uploaded, sorted, organized and edited the 856 pictures I took in July! Of those, I ordered 67 for scrapbooking. The rest will stay on my computer, maybe I'll print them one day...and maybe I won't. Here are some of my favorites -

My mom and my niece, Reese...

My niece, Livia, with the baby mole the cats left on the deck. Her mom wasn't very happy about this...

Jake on the tramp. We do have a safety net, it just wasn't up yet. It's a good thing we have one though, I can't tell you how many times he's gone flying into it...