January 3, 2009

The Bathroom

I've never really been into seashells until we took a trip to New Hampshire and Maine about a year ago. I loved the cape cod style of the homes and the quaint beach cottages. I picked up a few seashells for the bathroom...

Our bathroom used to be two, one off the hallway and then one off our bedroom. The half-wall used to be a full wall. We took it down and covered up the door into the bedroom. We moved our washer and dryer from the front utility room created a laundry area in the bathroom. I like it back by the bedrooms so much better. It didn't make sense to me to haul all our laundry through the kitchen.

I purchased this chore chart from Motivated Moms again this year. It's a great system of keeping your home clean and organized...if you keep up with it! Maybe I'll post more rooms when they're clean!

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