January 2, 2009

The Livingroom

We took our Christmas tree and decorations down today. As much as I like Christmas, it's nice to have my house back to its plain, uncluttered state.

I found this cool blog today - The Lettered Cottage. I really like her design style. And if you click here, she'll give you design advice, for a small fee. I thought this was a really cool business idea! For $5 she'll answer any design question you have. I wonder what questions people would pay me to answer for them! Hmmm.

I've had this Pottery Barn shelf sitting under my bed for a long time...like years. I pulled it out today and hung it in the living room, next to the door, and put some framed pictures on it.

Then I thought, "Wouldn't it look nice if I had another one for the other side of the window!" I went on eBay and someone is selling a set of 2 for $66. A little pricey and I only need one. So, I just hung a picture there instead.

I still think it would look better on a shelf so I'm going to keep checking eBay.

Here's where the Christmas tree was. The rest of the year I keep this other tree there. At Halloween we hang pumpkin lights from it.

And here's the whole room...

I'd like to do a scrapbook page or two about our house and document the way the rooms are decorated. Can you imagine how the styles will change in 2o years?

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