February 12, 2009


Lucy has been so photogenic lately! She was watching TV tonight...

Remember the piano I was talking about the other day? Here's how it got into our basement, 21 years ago...

Our old house in the background was eventually torn down.

Just to explain a little, since everyone who reads my blog is not related to me or my best friend since grade school. We're living in the house/yard that I grew up in. We lived in that big old house until September 1987 when our new house came. It was pre-built in Fordville and moved here. We got to stay home from school the day they brought it on a big truck and moved it on to the foundation. It was really neat to watch. I think it's funny when you're in the basement and look up at the exposed floor joists, there's still mud on them from the road. In 2000, after we got married, my mom moved to town and Tim and I moved out here. And I was so happy to be back in the country!

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