March 30, 2009

Hamburger Cookies

I have a meeting on Wednesday, April 1 to which it's my turn to bring dessert. I was asked to make an April Fools dessert so we're having Hamburger Cookies.

The buns are Nilla Wafers and the burger is a grasshopper cookie. The lettuce is made with coconut tinted with green food coloring and then yellow and red frosting for the catsup and mustard or cheese. I drizzled honey over the tops so the sesame seeds would stick.

They were really quick and easy to put together. Would be a fun snack for kids to bring to school/daycare!

The photo isn't that great. Still waiting for Photoshop Elements to come. I'm using the editing feature in iPhoto but it's pretty limited.

March 29, 2009


We've had a busy weekend that included a trip to Aberdeen, SD. Luckily we had good roads the entire way. There was no Kindergarten on Friday so Jake and I stayed home...and had ice cream for breakfast!

I'm learning how to use this, which arrived on Monday...
So many fun things I can't wait to try out! I'm hoping FedEx delivers my Photoshop Elements software tomorrow. I have it on my PC but am waiting for Adobe to send me the Mac version. Then I can start organizing and editing my photos again.

I started working on the title pages for my Library of Memories scrapbook system. These pages will go in the front of each album. I still have 2 more to make - people we love and places we go.

March 22, 2009

April Stamp Club Projects

I was working on our projects for the April stamp club today. I used the Inspired By Nature stamp set for all of them.

Anyone know where I can get a good deal on a dozen pillar candles?

March 21, 2009

Library of Memories progress!

There is so much water everywhere!

There is a small bridge we drive over to get home...our house is in that group of trees in the middle of the photo. The ice has broken and the water is rushing under the bridge. It's fun to stop, roll the windows down and listen to it.

I am taking the Library of Memories class at Big Picture Scrapbooking and have been feeling a little behind. It's a system of organizing photos and scrapbooking by telling stories and making connections rather than chronologically. I have already been implementing this system for about a year but there's so much to learn I thought I could really benefit from the class. The problem is making the time to listen to the weekly audio files and watching the slide shows.

Last night I saved the audio files to my ipod and then listened to them this morning while I was cleaning kennels at the vet clinic. I don't know why I didn't think of that 5 weeks ago! When I got home, I set my laptop up on the kitchen counter and watched the slide shows while I made dinner, ate and cleaned up. Then I pulled out all of my layouts (picture below) and sorted them into the 4 categories for my albums. All that's left is to make my title and section pages but I need to order more paper before I can start those. I'm feeling much better now!

March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had an Irish supper tonight of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes. Yum! I remember my dad making this each year for St. Patrick's Day and I enjoy carrying on the tradition with my own family. The best part is making Reuben sandwiches with the leftovers the next day!

March 15, 2009

Owl Together Now

I made these cards tonight using the Owl Together Now stamp set and Haiku Designer Series Paper. The images were stamped on watercolor paper and colored in using the aqua painter.

Spring is here!

And it took so long!

The only downfall of spring is mud...and with that comes muddy dogs who need a daily bath.

Flowers and Trees

I made these cards yesterday using the A Flower for All Seasons stamp set and watercolor paper. The images were cut out and then applied to a piece of twill tape which I frayed at the top and bottom. The 'for you' sentiment is from the Fresh Cuts stamp set.

For this card I used the Trendy Trees set. The Stamp-a-ma-jig is a must when using this set in order to get the trunk of the tree lined up properly with the top.

March 12

March 8, 2009


Have you seen this commercial? It's so dumb, but I laugh out loud every time I see it.

I've spent the entire afternoon editing and organizing digital photos. Things were so much simpler with film. But then you never knew what you were going to get and you didn't have the opportunity to "fix" your not-so-perfect shots.

Jake was practicing with the new bow he got last weekend...he outgrew his other one.

I can even shoot it!

February 12

March 6, 2009

A fam with a plan

Jake wants a Nintendo DS. They cost a lot of money and it's not the kind of thing we're just going to buy him for the heck of it. We thought about getting him one for Christmas but decided on the Wii instead since it was something we could all do together.

We've been struggling lately with his attitude and behavior at home. We hear "No!" a lot when we tell him to do something and a lot of complaining along with it.

So here's the plan...

I created a chart with 300 squares to hang on the fridge. Every time he does something without being told or without complaining he gets a mark. Every time he whines, complains or doesn't listen we erase a mark. Once he gets 300 marks he gets a Nintendo DS. Of course, he thought 300 was WAY too many, he thought 5 was more appropriate. We, of course, want him to work hard to earn his reward. Tonight he got 1 mark for eating supper without complaining. It was so nice! Not one single, "I don't like this, I'm not going to eat this" outburst.

March 2, 2009

Buckets of water

We were in Fargo this weekend for the Home Show. The hotel we stayed at had some what of a water park. There were buckets that filled with water...once they were full, the buckets would tip and dump the water out. Jake had fun standing under them waiting for the water to hit.

Before we went swimming, we picked up this pair of goggles at Scheel's.

Jake has a habit of saying "huh?" everytime we say something to him. I think it's more of a habit than that he can't hear. It was funny, when his goggles were on, he would pull them off and then say "huh?". Like they were earmuffs or something.