March 6, 2009

A fam with a plan

Jake wants a Nintendo DS. They cost a lot of money and it's not the kind of thing we're just going to buy him for the heck of it. We thought about getting him one for Christmas but decided on the Wii instead since it was something we could all do together.

We've been struggling lately with his attitude and behavior at home. We hear "No!" a lot when we tell him to do something and a lot of complaining along with it.

So here's the plan...

I created a chart with 300 squares to hang on the fridge. Every time he does something without being told or without complaining he gets a mark. Every time he whines, complains or doesn't listen we erase a mark. Once he gets 300 marks he gets a Nintendo DS. Of course, he thought 300 was WAY too many, he thought 5 was more appropriate. We, of course, want him to work hard to earn his reward. Tonight he got 1 mark for eating supper without complaining. It was so nice! Not one single, "I don't like this, I'm not going to eat this" outburst.

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