June 28, 2009

Parker update

Parker is still alive and well in the swimming pool. I thought he might have escaped by now considering the water is only about 6 inches deep, but he hasn't!

The dogs still consider the pool theirs but seem to be okay with sharing it with a turtle. I'm not sure how Parker feels about that.

We started our 4th of July celebrations early by lighting fireworks this afternoon. The wine bottle was for the bottle rockets which I hear are going to be illegal next year.

Jake's favorite is the one that drops the parachutes.

June 14, 2009

Meet Parker

We spent 3 hours at Homme Dam beach today...what beautiful weather, I think summer is finally here! On our way home we came across a turtle sunning itself in the middle of the highway. We were heading west and the turtle was in the east bound lane. I pulled over and turned around, so did a pickup that was heading east. We both pulled up to the turtle at the same time. I told him I was just going to move it off the road. His daughter, in the back seat, wanted to take it home for a pet. I told them they should take it but he got out of the vehicle and handed it to Jake who had his arms stretched out the window! So...now "Parker" is at our house living in the dogs swimming pool.

Jake was SO excited! I don't know where he came up with the name but Parker it is.

We rescued turtles from the highway several times when I was a kid. We kept them as pets in a water trough for cattle that was filled with water and sand to create a beach.

Parker is living in a kiddie pool with a flat rock in the middle for sunning and some lettuce for food. Wonder if he'll still be there in the morning.

A boy and his turtle.

June 7, 2009