February 26, 2009

Lost tooth

Jake lost his first tooth today!

After his dentist appointment on Tuesday, the dentist told him if he didn't lose his bottom 2 teeth in a month they'd have to pull them out. The new teeth are already growing in behind. He's been working on them since and today at school he pulled it out!

He put it in a cup of water by his bed for the tooth fairy. So is it okay for the tooth fairy to leave it behind for his scrapbook? I told him sometimes, when it's your first one, the tooth fairy will let you keep your tooth but still pay you for it.


Cheep Talk


February 17, 2009

4 hours

I ran to GF today to get a badly needed haircut and to get a recall fixed on our Tahoe. I was at Rydell's for 4 hours, from 1-5pm. Luckily they have wifi so I brought my laptop and was able to get a few things done. I put my ear buds in and watched/listened to Stacy Julian's slide show for the Library of Memories class that started this week, read a few of the message board posts...I don't think I'll be visiting those too often, and sorted through and deleted photos. I also started re-reading her book Photo Freedom. So, all in all, it was a good way to spend 4 hours!

February 15, 2009

Polka Dot Punches

These are the cards we're making for this months stamp club. They're all made using the Polka Dot Punches stamp set, Delicate Dots paper and ribbon bundle from the Sale-a-bration catalog.

February 12, 2009


Lucy has been so photogenic lately! She was watching TV tonight...

Remember the piano I was talking about the other day? Here's how it got into our basement, 21 years ago...

Our old house in the background was eventually torn down.

Just to explain a little, since everyone who reads my blog is not related to me or my best friend since grade school. We're living in the house/yard that I grew up in. We lived in that big old house until September 1987 when our new house came. It was pre-built in Fordville and moved here. We got to stay home from school the day they brought it on a big truck and moved it on to the foundation. It was really neat to watch. I think it's funny when you're in the basement and look up at the exposed floor joists, there's still mud on them from the road. In 2000, after we got married, my mom moved to town and Tim and I moved out here. And I was so happy to be back in the country!

February 11, 2009

Cold welcome home

It was pretty cold in our house when we got home today. The furnace had quit working. Luckily, after a few phone calls, we were able to find someone who had the part we needed. Tim went and picked it up and was able to get it fixed in no time. It seems like there's always something lately. Oh well, things could always be worse.

I had plans to go out with my "golf" girls tonight, but since things weren't working right around here I didn't feel like I should leave. It's probably for the best since I haven't been feeling that well anyway. Drinks and a smokey bar certainly wouldn't have helped.

Jake got his Valentine's ready for the big party at school this Friday...

February 9, 2009

Weekend projects

Ughh! I hate being sick. Not that it matters, but I haven't been sick in a really long time. So, I'll just deal. One box of Kleenex and a bottle of hand sanitizer at a time.

We, well mostly Tim, spent Saturday afternoon rearranging the plumbing in our basement. The water was shut off from 1:oo to 8:00pm. We held our breath and crossed our fingers as we turned the water valve back on...no leaks! We did, however, underestimate the amount of water that flowed through our water softener...by about 20 gallons. Yes, 25 gallons of water quickly overflowed the 5 gallon bucket it was supposed to fill and the rest went on the floor. Luckily it hasn't been carpeted yet so the shop vac cleaned it up and nothing was ruined.

While Tim was plumbing I worked on a few projects. I made these jars for my sister to give her co-workers for Valentine's Day. I think she's going to fill them with M&M's.

I also decorated this box for a project I'm doing at Big Picture Scrapbooking. The project is called Happy New You. It's about creating projects to keep your theme word in the forefront of your mind.

February 5, 2009

Old piano

The basement progress is moving right along. Tim and Jake were doing some wiring tonight.

We have this old piano in our basement. It was chained to a tractor loader and then lowered down into the basement before the house was moved onto the foundation. My sisters and I all took lessons on it. I have a newer piano upstairs now that Jake will take lessons on. I think this one will look nice downstairs in the pool table area - like an old piano in a bar, it has a lot of character. Besides, there's no way it's coming out, in one piece anyway.

A face only a mother could love