May 31, 2009 Jake

We went golfing Saturday morning. I gave Jake the camera and here are some of the pictures he took.

New Life

The garden has been planted and the rhubarb is almost ready...

The flowers are blossoming...

The apple trees are budding...

The farmers are planting...

May 27, 2009

May Stamp Club Projects

Stamp Club projects for May using the Friends 24-7 stamp set, Friendly Words wheel and Parisian Breeze Specialty paper.

May 25, 2009

Black & White

I took these photos of some buildings in our yard this weekend. I like how they turned out, I 'm thinking about enlarging and framing them.

May 24, 2009

Climbing Bales

What is it about hay bales that make you want to climb them? We would spend hours climbing the bales when I was a kid. When my "town" friends came over we loved to play tag on them. Jake and I went for a walk yesterday, as soon as we came to the bales he ran over and climbed on top.

The dismount...

May 17, 2009

Sunday Morning Golf

Tim and I went golfing this morning after I finished cleaning kennels.

The weather was beautiful, we finished before the gale force winds came out.

I'm smashing my drives this year...of course this was only my third time out so there's still a chance it will all go downhill. I'm averaging about 150 yards which is pretty good for me. Now I just need to work on my short game. I'm really looking forward to Tuesdays - Ladies' Night!

May 11, 2009

Evening Walk

Jake and I went for a walk after supper tonight.

I think the cows were expecting us to feed them.

Jake likes to holler into the empty grain bins to hear his echo. We had to do it in all three of them to see if they sounded different. It's great fun! I remember opening one once when I was a kid and finding a nest of baby mice inside the door. That was not so fun.

The cats came along on our walk since the dogs decided to go on a little 2 mile jaunt of their own...down the road. I was going to take the 4-wheeler to get them but couldn't get it started. Very stressful, but they did come home.

Yeah, to my sister who ran in the Fargo Marathon on Saturday, so proud of her!

May 7, 2009


I received my Mother's Day gift early. I love it, and it's something I didn't even know I wanted which makes it so much fun. I got a baLens for my camera.

This is what it looks like -

This is what it does - It's a cover you place over your lens, you take a photo towards the main light source in the area you'll be shooting and then save the exposure as your custom white balance reference.

I realize this might not make sense so I'll show you what it does.

The photo on the left was taken using my cameras auto white balance setting and the photo on the right was taken using the custom white balance setting achieved by setting up the reference exposure with the baLens. Notice how the photo on the left has a yellow cast to it?

Next I took it outside and got some nice photos of one of my cats.

So fun! I can tell a big difference in the color of my photos, they're much "truer to life." And it's so handy, it just takes the place of my lens cover. I must say I'm impressed, not only with the baLens but that Tim thought to buy it for me when I didn't even ask for it or knew it existed!

May 6, 2009

Trampoline Time

It's been so nice out this week, we've been spending a lot of time outside, and a lot of that time has been on the trampoline.

Jake gets hot, takes his shirt and socks off, and leaves them lying in there. I suppose I should take them out before it rains.

He like to practice his slam dunks. He's going to be a basketball player.

May 1, 2009


Jake got a new toy today -

It took several hours to put together, charge the battery and get it running. Then a few minutes of training.

I hope the weather is nice this weekend so we can get outside and play!