April 17, 2010

A Week in the Life

I'm working on documenting last week for my Project Life album. Here are some highlights that will be included...

We went the the Shrine Circus on Sunday. I'm not a big fan but it wasn't too bad...just very long! I wasn't expecting to sit there for 3 + hours.
April 10

The Dairy Queen opened for the season!
April 11

Ribeye steaks on the grill!
April 12

Friday was Rock & Roll day at school. Jake wore ripped jeans, a rock and roll t-shirt and spiked hair with a bandana.
April 16

We all went golfing after school/work on Friday. So happy the course is open again for the season. We were back out there again today for two rounds.
April 16_2

April 8, 2010

Catching Up

I am SO slacking on this blog, I know. Not sure what my excuse is as I'm still keeping up with my "photo a day" for my project life album. I've gotten into a groove of printing my photos at home every Friday and popping them all into my album and journaling right away. Hopefully this continues into the summer. Here are some shots from the last few days...

Easter bubbles
April 4


April 4_2

Easter bunnies made out of paper bags
March 28

Jake and Lucy relaxing on the couch
April 2

Spring=muddy dogs and daily baths
March 27_2

Our new golf cart I hope to break in tomorrow night
April 5