January 31, 2010

Weekend Update

We had a fun time this weekend. Watched a good movie on Starz! friday night called Sunshine Cleaning. Reese and Livia came over to play Saturday afternoon. Went to the movie Blind Side that night...awesome! Tim has been working in the basement every night...all of the sheetrock should be up by tonight. I spent time putting together my Project Life album and setting up folders on my MacBook and in Flickr to organize all the photos. Right now my goal is a photo a day, but I'm not going to stress it if I miss some either.

January 30



January 25, 2010

Happy 2009!

I was feeling motivated to scrap some pictures that have been in my storage albums for quite a while. I didn't intend on placing strips of paper between my photos but my 4x4 photos weren't all exactly 4x4 so this was my solution.

New Year 09

Wondering how long it will take to dig through the snow to get out of here tomorrow.



Teeter Totter

Another fun storm day activity...scrapbooking!

Teeter Totter

Storm Day

We're home from work and school today because it's a blizzard out there! We made it to town (barely) and returned home 2 hours later (barely). After almost getting stuck, and not being able to see where we were going, we had to have the neighbor plow a path in front of us with his loader to get through.

So, what better thing to do on a snow day than bake cookies!
January 25

After we added the flour I said, "Now we put a little on our faces to make it look like we've been working really hard in the kitchen." And he just said, "Well that's weird."


They were delicious! The recipe can be found on page 311 of the 2007 Polar cookbook.

January 25


In other news, I ordered this today and can't wait for it to come!

January 14, 2010

February Stamp Club Projects

I finished the projects for our February Stamp Club tonight using new products from the Occasions mini catalog.

February Club 2

February Club 1

February Club 3

January 6, 2010

New Year

Happy 2010! We spent the evening with my family at a hotel in GF as we have done the last few years. We start out by spending a few hours in the pool, then it's pizza, games and drinks for the adults. New Year's day we all went out for dinner and then hit the bowling alley. This is the first time we've bowled since last new year's...unless you count Wii bowling, which I'm much better at I might add!

My sisters

Rhett likes a little bit of corndog with his catsup

My mom with Reese