May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Wouldn't it be nice if every weekend were a 3-day weekend! We golfed everyday, planted flowers & grass and did other yard work, grilled out, went to graduation open houses and did some home organizing and cleaning.

May 29_2

My father-in-law made this beautiful planter for me.
May 29

I'm not planting a vegetable garden this year instead I'm going to work on creating a flower garden. We have a large rock in our yard right as you come up the driveway. I marked around it with a hose and Tim sprayed round-up inside. Once the grass is dead we'll till it up and plant flowers. The yellow thing coming down is marking a cable from a power pole, I included it as part of the garden to make it easier for mowing around.

May 29_3

May 29, 2010

Turquoise & Grey

I'm planning to redecorate my bedroom paint and bedding. Right now I'm leaning towards turquoise and grey. Here are some ideas I've found in my search for inspiration.

And if I were really brave, I'd do this!

May 21, 2010

Candleholders: Before & After

Once in a while I like to redecorate by taking things from one place and moving them around and using them in another way. Sometimes it feels like your getting something new without spending any money.

These candleholders have sat as a centerpiece on our kitchen table for probably a year. I was tired of they way they looked and wanted to do something different with them.


I took them outside, set them on some butcher paper and spray painted them white.

Now they live in our bathroom. I think they turned out great!


May 20, 2010

More trees

A few weeks ago we spent an afternoon trimming some low hanging branches and cleaning things up.

Don't worry, he's just posing, he didn't actually run the chainsaw although he really wanted to.


Tim doesn't like to have to duck when mowing around the trees.


A baby pine cone...

Self portrait...


May 19, 2010

The Tree

Jake won a tree for his Keep North Dakota Clean poster! He was so excited, especially after I told him about the trees I won for my poster when I was in third grade. He wasn't as excited to have his picture taken though.


We chose the perfect spot to plant it.