April 26, 2011

Curved Wood Floors

I have lots of plans for our home, one major plan is installing hardwood flooring through the kitchen, living room and hallway. I found this curved wood flooring from Bolefloor today and think it's beautiful...although probably out of the budget.

Also, we're a bit of do-it-yourself-ers, as in, if we can't install it ourselves we don't do it. I'm not sure this is do-it-yourself material.

Right now we (Tim) are working on building new doors for our kitchen cabinets. He's been in the shop every night for weeks now. Once they're ready, it will be my turn to stain them. I will be sure to post before and after pictures when they're done!

1 comment:

Lisa Dickinson said...

oh my, that flooring is GORGEOUS! love the rustic, hand-hewn look. Will definitely be checking out that link!