June 26, 2011


Jake and my mom and I went to the Grand Forks county fair carnival yesterday. We hadn't been there in several years. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Jake and I went on most of the rides, except the Kamikaze which makes you go upside-down, Jake went on that one alone.
My favorite ride was the ferris wheel, it was the only one that didn't make me dizzy!
After spending a few hours at the fair we left and did some shopping. Jake needed new shoes and I needed running shorts so we made a stop at Scheel's. Jake tried on three pair of shoes and wanted them all, he finally decided on these Addidas running shoes.

This morning I asked Jake if he wanted to go running with me to try out his new shoes. He was excited to go and was sure it would be no problem because, "I play basketball you know!" Well, Jake is a much better sprinter than distance runner. We walked most of 4.5 miles and even then he had a hard time keeping up with me on the way back.

When we leave our home and head east, about 2 miles of the road is uphill. I asked several times if we should turn around but he wanted to make it to the top of that hill. I hope he comes with me again, and next time we'll stick to a shorter route!

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