July 13, 2011

Play Ball!

Monday was the last baseball game of the season. This was Jake's last year of playing city league/t-ball, next year he'll be on the pee wee team. The first game of the night was parents vs. kids. When the parents were up to bat, they had to hit a wiffle ball and bat left-handed!
I'm not sure what the final score was but I'm pretty sure the kids won!

After a quick run to the Dairy Queen for supper we were back to watch the red and green teams play for championship.

The game ended in a tie and the umpire flipped a coin to determine the winner.
And green wins it!

All of the games this year, except the championship, were in the mornings which makes it hard for working parents to get to. I am looking forward to evening games next year along with some travel to other towns.

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