October 23, 2011

The Fair Was a Success!

Tuesday night we made rolled sugar cookies. The challenge was to find 4 cookies that looked the same for entering in the fair. Same size, thickness, color, etc.

After the cookies were finished it was out to the shop to put the final coat of oil on the step stool.

Wednesday afternoon was interview judging. The kids stand in line with their projects and wait their turn to be judged. The judges ask questions about the project to determine what you learned and to make sure you did it yourself. I wasn't able to be there for that part so I sent the camera with Tim and he took photos so I could see!

Here he's being judged on his stool. The only question he could remember being asked was what kind of wood he used...pine.

For the cookies he was asked what the hardest part was, his answer was setting the timer. I would have said rolling out the dough (I don't like making rolled cookies!)

He got blue ribbons on both of his projects! And since we didn't have any animals entered, that was it for our 4-H fair experience this year!

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