January 1, 2013

Project Life 2013

I've decided to do a Project Life album again this year!

Here is my cover page I completed this weekend.

The last Project Life album I did was in 2010. Some things I will be doing differently this time:

1. Last time I tried to take a picture every day. It was too stressful. I felt like a failure if I didn't find something to take a photo of one day. Or if things were busy or I was sick and it just didn't happen. This year I will be focusing on the week. My layouts will include highlights from the entire week. And some weeks all the photos might be from one day.

2. Last time I tried to journal or write something about each photo. Sometimes a photo speaks for itself and there isn't a lot to say about it. This year I will be journaling a summary of our week or week in review, very similar to what Cathy Zielske does. I may also add text to my photos before printing, again similar to Cathy Zielkse. I plan to keep a notebook in my purse to jot down things that happen throughout the day/week.

3. For my last album I purchased an entire Project Life kit. This year I only purchased an album and Design A Pocket Pages. This will allow me to use up some of my scrapbooking stash I already have. I have also been inspired by the look of Cathy, Elise and Ali's albums and like how each layout looks so different, not matchy-matchy.

4. I hope to work on my album each Sunday. My weeks/layouts will run from Sunday-Saturday. I have set up folders on my computer for each week where I can drop in photos, print-outs, etc. I want to use that week. I plan to print everything at home. It's probably more expensive to do that, but since I don't have a photo printing service near me, this will allow me to keep up.

Are you doing Project Life this year? What are your plans?


~teal said...

I can't believe you posted this! I contacted you about PL while you were doing the last one for some advice. I started, but didn't keep up with it. Now I"m going to try again but with a very laid back approach. I'm not even going to try a week at a time, but to just plug in my pics & words as they come. (Trying to combine Stacy Julian's Library of Memories binder approach) I did buy the baby boy and girl kits to try to do the same for the kiddos, but like you will just use my stash and some printable freebies for the main book. Do you do a separate book for your son, or keep it all together?

Lisa Olson said...

Hi Teal! I also follow Stacy's Library of Memories system of scrapbooking. I have 4 main family albums - Things We Do, All About Us, Places We Go and Holidays. I do one separate album for Jake called School of Life (also from Stacy Julian). This album includes his school pictures and then one layout each year of random photos/highlights from that year.