March 23, 2013

Project Life - Week Reality Sets In

I'm done. I thought it would last longer than 8 weeks, but not so.

I have a tendency to live my life as a series of obsessions. Some of those obsessions stick, others go, and then come back, weeks, months, years later. I sometimes have grand ideas of what I can accomplish in a day and then reality sets in.

I was excited about Project Life, especially after several of the blogs I follow regularly post updates on their albums every week. They made it look easy. They work from home in the design/paper crafting industry.

Soon it seemed like one more thing on my to do list. In fact PL was constantly written on my list. I would cross it off and then write PL again at the bottom of my list because I had to do it over again the next week. Type A personality much? Looking at that PL on my list everyday starting giving me anxiety, because IT WAS NEVER DONE. Should documenting your life give you anxiety? I think not. Now, I realize I could just skip a week or two, or catch up on a severals weeks at one time, and just relax about the whole thing. But I can't. Not me.

Now that I've given myself the freedom to let that go I can move on to my next obsession, whatever that might be, and the cycle will being again.

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