September 12, 2013

Do it Yourself Photo Ledge Shelves

I've had this blank wall in my livingroom that I've wanted to do something with but just haven't been sure what. Originally I thought it would be cool to put some sort of photo gallery there like these ideas from Pinterest.

I've also been looking at these tchotchke shelves from The Container Store thinking I could do something like this...

I decided on the shelves so I'd be able to change out the pictures plus have less holes in my wall. Since I'm married to a handy guy I showed him the photos and asked him to make some. I picked up a piece of crown molding at Lowe's and Tim had all the other materials in his shop.

They came together in no time! (I have no idea how much time they took but compared to some other projects this one was quick - ha!) I put two coats of white paint on them and they were finished.

It needs a little work but this is how it looks on my wall. Each shelf is 3 inches deep. The top shelf is 3 feet long and the bottom is 4 feet 6 inches long.

The great thing is being able to move things around, add items, remove items and just change things up!

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