October 21, 2014

Roasting Beets for Freezing

I'm finishing up taking care of my garden produce. My garden was small this year so I didn't have an abundance of anything, which was good. Since I didn't have large quantities of anything I decided to freeze my vegetables instead of canning.

This weekend I decided to roast beets, rather than boiling them, before freezing.

Step one - scrub the dirt off.

Step 2 - cut them into large chunks. I cut each beet into 4 or 6 sections depending on the size.

Step 3 - place the beets onto a baking sheet and roast at 350 degrees for at least 1 hour. Stick a fork into them to check for doneness.

This is how they look when finished. If I were roasting them to eat right away I would have cut them into small bite-size pieces and seasoned with coconut oil, salt & pepper. The cooking time would also be reduced.

Step 4 - peel the skins off, cut into small pieces & transfer to freezer bags.

I was able to get 7 cups from one pan. I froze 3 bags of 2-cups each and saved 1 cup in the fridge to use on my salads. I plan to use the 3 frozen bags within 6 months.

When I'm ready to use them I will put them in a roasting pan with some coconut oil and seasonings to reheat or I will thaw them and use them in a cold salad.

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